Ride the Wave


Try not to feel blue when things don’t appear to be going your way.

I tell myself that life is alot like surfing. Some days, I’m on top of the wave, riding high, feeling strong and lovin’ the ride. Other days the current is strong, and it feels like I have to struggle to keep from being sucked under – or I’m paddling like hell to escape the sharks – or I’ve done a faceplant in the sand with my board up my ass.

The point is – I remind myself that my life is a series of waves.
A natural ebb and flow – give and take – rise and fall.

Be assured: what goes down must come up.
And what goes up, will come down.

When you’re on top of the wave with the sun on your face and you feel unstoppable – savour the moment. Challenge yourself to be truly present and enjoy every second of it. And take heart – when you’re in the bottom of the wave feeling thrown around, unsettled, unsafe and like your failing, KNOW that you will rise again. KNOW that the lows are only temporary.

And… if you’re lying face down with sand up your crack, get up, dust yourself off and get back on your board. Life is calling you to try it again.


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