Are You Happy?

ZEROIf you can’t handle the truth, you better on exit on outta here, asap.

Are you not happy with your life?
Your health?
Your job?
Your relationship?

Change it. Stop it. Just do it differently.


End of story.

At some point – if you are going to live a life of excellence, satisfaction, thrill, enthusiasm and love  – – for YOU – – you are going to have to reclaim your personal power and just do. it. differently.

Stop. It.
Stop pissing and whining and blaming and moaning and suffering and crying and reclaim your life. What have you got to lose?

You know what your life looks like if you continue to do it the way you’ve always done it – so why not just do it differently?

Choose new.
Be radical about it.

Stop rehashing the same shit.
Own your role in where you’re at.
In relationship failures.
In communication breakdowns.
In lackluster, half-assed results.
In deep pits of old, boggy depression. (yes, sometimes it’s chemical, but my personal opinion is depression is repressed creativity, warped thinking and anger turned inwards = you got some shit to work through and new thought processes to make.)
Decide not to pine for unrequited love.
Unpack your fucking baggage and STOP HAULING IT AROUND TO PARTIES.

Stop seeking reassurance from others.
Be your own hero.
Fix it.
Don’t wait for permission.

Welcome to your life.
This is it.
You only get one kick at it.
Your meter is running.
There is no dress rehearsal.
You’re burning daylight being angry, sad, lonely and depressed.

Make a commitment to your beautiful spirit – to your OWN beautiful energetic thumbprint – that came to this life,
to this body,
to this time,
to live YOUR experience

to figure your shit out.
Clean up your mess.
Find joy in your dark corners.
And live the life you deserve.

Help exists if you need it.
And if you are not happy, and think that everything i just said applies to someone else, and not you, buckle up – you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Reclaim your personal power.

You are not the victim.
You’re in charge of you.

(Ask me for resources, I might be able to point you in a new, and enlightening direction)

Stop it.

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