New Year, New Moon, New Post (Catching Up)

Oct. 27 We got a new baby in our house. River.
Oct. 27 We got a new baby in our house. River.
photo 2
Six weeks old. Like having a newborn again.
Nov. The weather turned with a ton of snow.
Nov. The weather turned with a ton of snow.
photo 5
River is more work than I anticipated.
photo 1(1)
Dec. But she is just one of the kids.
photo 2(1)
I’m trying to maintain my practice. #notsucceeding
photo 4
Holiday prep. And holiday food.
photo 4(1)
River is growing. Still a lot of work.
photo 4(2)
Holidays mean family time and so much love.
photo 5
My own human beauties. I adore them.

If you’re just going to click on all the links and wonder what the point of any of this is, save yourself the stress and back out now. This is a dumping zone. An idea platform. An open-hearted space for sharing. It’s an on-line diary, a forum for thoughts and realizations. I chart successes and scheme for the future.

If none of this appeals to you, I love you anyways, good-bye. If you want to catch up, read on.

I’ve been having a beautiful life. I’m busy … raising a pup, winding up one job and starting another. I enjoyed a full out schedule in the fall, and savoured the holiday preparations … Christmas shopping, baking, travel, parties, gatherings and more. Aaah, family.

2013 was all about extreme self-care. The day  we got our baby my exercise routine was thrown out in a poop bag. My sleep was disrupted, which meant my morning bootcamp went out the window, but my infatuation carried me through the inconvenience of becoming a puppy-mama.

I picked up a few workouts with an evening class of kettlebells through November and half of December and strayed way off my intentional gluten free diet with Christmas goodies galore. I pretty much said, yeeeaah, whatevs, let’s eat a box of Toffifee. And I did.

A cold virus of some kind got me just before Christmas and gave me 10 days of hacking and snotting and miserable. Clean eating and lots of tea makes all the difference. Cold air feels good on my lungs.

Christmas was filled with laughter, family and tenderness but I spent New Year’s Eve alone. Well, me and River. Uneventful. Uninteresting. But, the Hermit in me loved every quiet second of it.

Me? Side-show Kim, microphone hog, a hermit? Yepp. L’il bit. Lately, I long for silence. Quiet. Less. As I tend to live loud, that feels good. Internal, reflective, transmutational.

January 1, 2014 felt good. And normal. And boring. And clean. I’m ready to find my groove again. My eat-clean, work-out-hard, get-fresh-air, write-out-my-goals and take-care-of-myself groove.

This blog (or on-line ‘diary’) is just my way of tracking my progress, making plans for how I want to show up, and for sorting it all out. Documentation. Focus. Commitment.

Every January 1 marks a fresh start for many. I start over whenever I need to, but the beautiful thing about a New Year start date is that I’m always REALLY ready. I want to eat clean. I WANT to work out. I WANT to nuture and celebrate my body, mind and spirit. I want to set goals, and work my way towards them.

I’m grateful for every day, every new chance. I’m grateful for excitement, ambition and new information. I’m grateful for abundance and affluence and excess – in love, energy and possibility. And I’m loving my laser focus. This is just one more place to be real, to say it out loud, to be thankful and reach and live out loud and share. If that interests you, you’re welcome to hang around. We’re likely friends already anyways…

A toast to the New Year: to abundance, affluence and excess love in 2014. Give’r shit, babes.

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