Enduring Winter

Photo by @nichole_hanson
Photo by @nichole_hanson

This winter weather is bringing me down.
Like down down.

Record snowfalls.
Frigid temperatures.
Difficult travel.
The need to bundle up to go out.
Even the dog doesn’t want to be outside for too long.

There goes the neighborhood.
There goes the neighborhood.

I’m out of energy.
I don’t really want to go anywhere.
I really don’t want to DO anything. (not cook, not clean, not exercise .. even though I do.)
I like people, but I don’t even want to be sociable.
I just want to crawl into bed at 7 o’clock and watch Sons of Anarchy every night.
My bed is my happy place. And that’s okay.
I. just. don’t. care.

Canadian winters make many of us miserable.
We feel trapped.
House bound.

And there are [at least] three more months of winter in front of us.  I daydream about my bike, the trails, the smell of spring and new leaves, the warmth of the sun on my shoulders and more daylight. I long to see the green of spring, horses in the pasture and be on the boat on the lake.

Snowshoe workout.
Snowshoe workout.

There is no escaping the winter. It’s here to stay.

Byron Katie teaches that when we are at war with reality, with what is, we suffer. And what is, right now, is one hell of a miserable winter.

If you’re one of those who don’t have a sunny and warm holiday planned in the next 90 days, you’re along for this wintry ride. Bitching and whining and moaning isn’t going to melt the snow and bring spring any quicker.

So, in the meantime, what will I do?

Vitamin shots. Smoothie. Or Juicer.
Vitamin shots. Smoothie. Or Juicer.

I’m going to lean into it.
And welcome it.
And embrace the roar of the fireplace.
The hot coffee.
The idleness.
And laziness.
And downright bitchiness.

I’m going to get into bed when I want to get into bed (like right now). Sleep when I want to sleep. Take my vitamins. Juice my juicer. Rub Thieves on my feet and add another pair of socks. Make comfort foods in my crock pot. Roll around in my flannel sheets. Read books and watch mindless TV. Bundle up to walk the dog. And not beat myself up when I start to feel a little bat-shit-crazy and housebound.

The daylight is creeping inch by inch.
“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” ~ Proverb

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