What I Like

RiverI like the warmth of the sun coming through a window and landing on my cheek.

I like the drinking coffee in bed on a Saturday morning,
with my dog stretched out beside me.

The way my kids feel in my arms,
and the way our legs entangle in flannel sheets …
and the weight of winter blankets.

I like the smattering of ice crystals floating in the sunshine,
the feel of a book in my hand,
and scorching baths with eucalyptus epsom salts.

The burn of sore muscles,
water with ice in it,
and the first few sips of wine that make me feel like I’m melting

I like boots with leggings
and the way lacy lingerie feels under my clothes.
Jean jackets and mitts.
Silver jewellery
and too much eye make-up.

I like feeling useful, important and valued.
Who doesn’t?
And stretching myself.

I like silence.
And warmth,
and depth
and the sound of your voice.
I like the way you wrap your arms around my waist and squeeeze
almost too tight.

I like whispers and whiskers and the smell of your skin in the dark.
I like that…

I like meaningful conversations,
and knowing who you really are.
I like selfies and status updates and sharing secrets.

I like positivity.
Seeing my kids kicking ass, use their talents and love one another.

I like freedom. Choice. Awareness and action.

I like it here; where everyday reality meets unlimited possibility.
I like the chance to start fresh everyday.
to say thanks,
to breathe deep,
make it better
to get stronger,
to be better.

I like knowing you’re out there, too. 

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