Healing Elixir

DanielleLaporte.com #truthbomb
DanielleLaporte.com #truthbomb

When life feels hard, and finding ease is like panning for gold in a stream, it is tiny moments of serendipitous juncture that provide peaceful release. The act of stumbling upon and reading something reassuring or receiving an encouraging message from a friend, relief in a hot bath and a nice cup of tea and breakthrough moments of less pain are little love-wrapped gifts from God.

In an effort to nourish my achy heart and to keep my eyes scanning the horizon for silver linings I am reminded that practicing gratitude for what I already have is the very best way to stay positive. As Danielle Laporte says: Gratitude is medicine.

And so today, when I feel challenged to remain hopeful and positive, I am called to count my blessings in retaliation to my funk.

* I am a five minute drive from the people I love the most in this world.
* My husband is the most tender hearted and loving man I’ve ever known. I adore him and I feel adored and supported.
* “I have a Good Mother, and her voice is what keeps me here, feet on ground, heart in hand…”
* I have a Keurig coffee maker that makes me happy every single morning.
* I have a little bit of money in my bank account, if I really needed something
* Oh! and I have a Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg in my purse!
* I am sitting in a beautiful office, listening to music, researching courses to do via distance education through Athabasca University.
* I am warm, dry and have a full belly.
* I have amazing health insurance through my husband’s work. I paid only $350 for anaesthesia and $13.08 for my daughter’s wisdom teeth to be removed in surgery.
* I am grateful for miracles in modern medicine, talented doctors, caring professionals and expert care.
* I am grateful for tiny breakthroughs in healing, moments of relief and comfort for my daughter.
* I am glad it is sunny outside even though it is blisteringly cold.
* I am surrounded by the love of my children, my family and my friends.
* I am grateful for long distance healing, prayers to God above, love and light and Stacey’s Reiki.
* I am thankful for warm flannel sheets, snuggles, Sons of Anarchy, good character development and eye candy.

It is the little things.
I am so thankful I am loved.

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