unplugThis call to go inside: to be quiet.
To Be.

To listen intently for the murmurings of You in my heart.
To release my worry with the flickering of leaves in the breeze.
To silence my responses because there is just no need to respond.

To quiet my desires and wants in willing exchange for that which lightens my heart, soothes my soul and stills my mind.
I feel You everywhere outside.

You’re the sun on my shoulders, the perfumery of summer, the song of the birds, the clouds rolling by. I breathe You in with gratitude in every breath. In every step. In every movement, You’re in my feet. My legs, my arms, my lungs.

I smile, reassured because
You’re there with  me,
You are in the arms of my Lover, and in the scent of Gabriele’s hair.
You are in the succulence of strawberries and the sweet respite of deep sleep.

The more plugged in I am, the less I feel You
So much noise.
All I hear are tortured cries of fear and wails of abandonment that make me afraid.
They blame You; accuse You of a master plan that includes murdered children, lost innocents and a brutalized earth.

But it’s us.
Away from You.
So wrapped up in the lies we tell ourselves and the poison that others feed us, we forget.

You are here among us.
Inside us. Waiting.

Fingers crossed
that one by one
we will quiet down.
Ready to love.
And be loved.

and know that You are here.

I need no proof when I am quiet. 

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