Bow Low



Like you, I’m on a journey. My own individual path to happiness, passion, feeling, aliveness, breath and life. My own experience.

I’ve had the gift of separating myself from traditionalism and conformity. I’ve had a taste of the freedom acceptance brings. I’ve been granted permission to want what I want, and with that I flow into my life more loving, more willing, more intentional, more open.

I feel soul settled and deeply nurtured. I ooze gratitude and reflect the certainty of divine providence at work in my life.

My past has shaped me, but so does the present. I like the awareness and stillness and comfort I feel in my present. I love who I am now. Flawed, perfectly imperfect, warm, wholehearted, content with what I have, passionate, grounded. Deeply satisfied with what I have and also joyful that I can consciously create what I want my life to be.

This morning I stayed in bed, my room draped in gray light and listened as the wind splattered my window with a spray of summer rain. No need to turn on the news or check the time. The house asleep. The wind howling. My lover beside me, warm beside me. The yang to my yin, he is always my favourite blanket, heavy and comforting.
These beautiful moments I would have missed before, so wrapped up in deadlines and to-do lists. The tiny windows of rain smattered perfection. Gray skies, misty chill, howling winds, skin throwing heat. Soft breathing in the murky dawn.
I am blessed beyond measure.
And bow low in my thanks.

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