The Gratitude List

Heavy eyes
waking up to see my man half dressed
pants on, shirt off
freshly shaved
smelling fine.
(Makes it hard to let him leave for work.)

Rising sun
coming over the trees
dew on the green
mine are the first footprints of the day on the grass
and the birds sing ‘Good Morning’.

Rustling leaves
creaky knees
ragged breath
the trees bow down and breathe their clean into me
as I run past them on the trail.

Long hair
summer skin
endless laughter
pouring out of
giddy, happy sisters.

Rolling conversations
Ease and flow,
truth told in short sentences and
long looks of understanding and
heart connections.

Rain spatters and soft sweaters
Peppermint tea and Coldplay
the bite of summer saying goodbye
with wet kisses on windstung cheeks
and stiff fingers in navy mini-gloves.

The enormous orange moon
rising off the horizon line
glazed in grain dust,
hovering stars and
impending frost.

Family: hand-picked and God-given
everything turkey and pumpkin
steeped in tradition
laughter rolls on the floor and
around the table, announcing ‘Love is here.’

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