The Great Ask and Listen – Body Work and Clarity

IMG_8962Hot lemon water.
2 cups black coffee with 1 teaspoon of Omega Nutrition Extra Virgin Coconut Oil stirred into it.

The Five Tibetan Rites (10 times each)
45 minutes hike through JJ Collett in snow sometimes up to my knees -23 and still got my sweat on.

Out in the bush, I climbed onto the back of a rest bench up out of the snow, slowed my breathing, placed my palms together at my heart chakra and prayed for blessings and watchful care over my children and mumbled gratitude for all I adore.

Dry skin brushing before I climbed into the tub to get ready for work.

2 cups cold water, 1 banana, 1 tsp cocoa powder and 1 serving Garden of Life Raw Protein powder shake.
2 teaspoons high quality (lemon flavored) Omega 3 fish oil.
2 teaspoons FloraVit iron supplement with 5 drops Lugol’s Iodine Solution 

Lunch will be chopped celery, organic green seedless grapes, organic carrots, cherry tomatoes, 1-2oz cumin spiced gouda, 1.5 cups rice noodles with pumpkin seeds, sauteed dandelion leaves and raw garlic mixed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

– – – – –
IMG_9017I love this level of self care; this thoughtful and careful way of nurturing myself.

No, you’ve not stumbled upon the world’s most boring blog, but the place I’m determined to use for accountability.

Accountable to what? To me. To my goals. To what I do with my body and what I feed my body.
Accountable to the way I say I want to live my life.

I am as bi-polar as it gets with my food. I’m forever preaching food quality, and then falling into old habits of quick carbs, potato chips and sweet cravings (most likely chocolate chips if there is nothing else available within reach). Because it’s easier. Because it’s fast and I didn’t plan. Because I deserve it. Because I want to soothe my addiction (to sweets).

But when you learn better, you can do better. And I’ve learned too many lessons to go backwards.

It’s not about pushing to become someone I’m not, it is about wholly loving exactly who I am, the body I’ve been given and honoring my essence. It is about wanting to experience the silence of the forest and loving the way my lungs feel full of air. It’s about the peace I find in prayer and meditation and the way my body feels when I nourish it, and not abuse it. It is about asking my body what it needs and then actually listening to and heeding the answer.

– – – – –

58I’ve had sore shoulders for 3 months. So sore I’m not able to sleep on my right side comfortably. So sore, I could cry sometimes in the middle of the night. I pushed through it for the first two months, and the pain remained the same and occasionally was worse.

I pinpointed what I thought could have been a moment I injured myself, on a ropes course in late August where I caught my full body weight in mid fall using my upper body strength. I assumed I pulled something and that it would heal given enough time. But, 3 months in, visits to the chiropractor and a massage, soaking, massage and the Dr. Ho – no change.

Last week, I got silent and in my morning meditation I asked my body what the shoulder pain was about? Where was it coming from? What was I ignoring?

And as it always does, the deep knowing came forward and told me very clearly, ‘You’re pushing me too hard. You’ve lost sight of your ‘Why’. I’m sore because you’re focused on the wrong outcome I need you to give me a break and get clear again.’

– – – – –

feel goodI found it very difficult to take a week off from my work outs but my body needed it and I wasn’t paying attention. When I don’t pay attention, my body begins to whine – and some cases scream to get my attention. Sometimes I’m still dense and deaf to it’s messaging, but I’m learning faster and paying closer attention to the messages I get. I did nothing (outside walk the dog). No muscle work. No classes. And I resisted the urge to ignore my body and push myself to go anyways.

One week doesn’t make for instant healing. But it very clearly communicates the message to my body that I am willing to listen and do what it takes to oblige.

It is almost as difficult to start again as it was to take a break. But, I’m here now and December – although it is the month of holiday parties and high fat food – is the month I reclaim the way I want to show up for my body and soul.

It’s also the month I will set goals for 2015.

Goals will be set in the following areas:

Physical Self
Emotional Self
Intellectual Self
Spiritual Self


– – – – –

Examining the details:



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