If You Can Walk, You Can Work Out

If you haven’t heard the term ‘sitting disease’ you may be living under a rock.

Or if you haven’t heard the most recent statistics on diabetes, (60,000 new cases a year in Canada) the obesity epidemic and even diabesity (yep, that’s a real word), you might just be an ostrich who prefers to live with your head in the sand.

Diabetes (a significant number of Type 2 cases) and diabesity and obesity can be reversed and completely cured with diet and exercise. I am always astounded that the general population buys into Canada’s Food Guide as the healthy eating bible, doesn’t want to hear about GMO’s and hybrid grains and produce and thinks that fat can be melted off with pills and herbs and supplements.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who bio-markers don’t show numbers that lead to metabolic diseases, and aside from the medical risk factors, a crappy diet and sedentary lifestyle can just let you ‘live’ a life where you feel like shit most of the time.

Maybe you wake up sore in the morning.
Maybe you’re winded coming up the stairs.
Maybe you move as little as possible.
Maybe you’re depressed and anxious.
Maybe you don’t have a solid erection anymore (ask any cardiologist, ED is the ‘canary in the coalmine’ for vascular disorders – after all it’s all about blood flow). (If you’re interested, best read ever.)
Maybe your hide under clothes that pinch in all areas.

Wherever you’re at, the solution is easy and you pretty much have the parts to accomplish the task.


Yeah, you heard me.

As little as 30 years ago, we had only 2 TV channels. Mom had a garden, or maybe a clothes line. You walked home from school because it was still considered safe to do so. You figure-skated or played Little League. Or Kick The Can and Hide and Seek outside until dark with all the other kids on the block. The home computer wasn’t invented yet. And grocery stores weren’t filled with factory-made Frankenfoods.

It is no coincidence that the obesity epidemic is here right now; we are fatter and lazier than we’ve ever been. We say things like ‘I’m just big boned’ and preach body acceptance at any size and then fill our guts up with extra large double-doubles and processed meat and cheese on a loaf of bread in foot long subs labelled as healthy food choices (protein, dairy and grains).

Truly, a great many of us just don’t care.
We like being fat and lazy – for the most part. It takes less work.
We’re okay with how we look because we think we are finally accepting the way we really are (Everyone in my family looks this way).


But if you feel crummy and know you need to make a change – the simplest change you can make – is to start walking.

Put on your most comfortable shoes. And weather appropriate clothing. And take your house key. And go.

It’s free.
It’s the first thing you learned to do in this life.
You just have to do it.

The trick to walking as exercise is to do it everyday. Like changing your underwear or brushing your teeth.
Around the block. And then around the lake. And eventually to the mall and back.
And then the trail. Through the snow banks. And on icy sidewalks.

Then one day, you discover that walking is easy for you. 

8So, you start to add things like squats and lunges and pushups on park-benches.
Or you push the carriage. Or you dig out your bike and get a tune up on it so you can ride.

And slowly, you recognize gratitude from your body. You can hear it say thank you.
You sleep better.
You get sick less.
You drink more water.
Your bowels work better.
You smile more.
You become more interested in feeding your body good food.
You read a book on nutrition and whole food preparation.
You model wellness and self care to your whole family.
You need to buy new pants.
And another pair of walking shoes.

photo 3And summer turns to fall and then to winter and you get up every day and try again. And when you miss a day, you start fresh as soon as possible. And you don’t let yourself get lazy – you begin to push a little harder. You squeeze your cheeks with every step. You begin to spring across streets. You carry crumbs for the ducks and sit in the setting sun at the park and count your blessings.

It can totally be a way of life.
It can be yours.
I can see you there.
Your sun-kissed nose and cool sunglasses, with arms swinging, and a smile on your face as your pass me by heading the other way.

WALK your way into the life you want to live.
Because you DESERVE wellness and longevity and radiant health.


17 thoughts on “If You Can Walk, You Can Work Out

  1. Reblogged this on Life as Lauren and commented:
    Such a simple and effective way to feel mentally and physically better. I might try a ‘ditch the car’ week and make my way around by foot. Can’t do much harm feeling the cold a little bit or getting wet by rain?!

  2. What a great reminder that our health is in our own hands. I just found a note in my journal that said: Running really boosts my mood. Exercise is good: for mood and sleep. Keep it up!

    And I started by simply walking more. I’ve been off exercise for a few weeks due to a bad cold but can’t wait to get back to it. Maybe I’ll start by taking a walk…

  3. You’re sooo right on some many of your points. I have a variety of health problems (including a bore spur in my heal) and I was using every excuse I could to “not exercise”. I started a walking routine 2 months ago and am so glad I did. I still eat “bad foods”, on occassion, but have decided that it’s o.k., as long as I don’t do it on a regular basis. Blogging could easily be “another excuse” not to “get out”, so I’ve now limited how long I write and how long I read….I’m not out to be a “super blogger” or “super anything”, so I’m ok with what limited time I spend on this “blog thing”….I enjoyed your piece; very easy to read, highly informative and a very important message. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!! I’ll try to “drop in” when I can!! Lucie 🙂

    1. Thank you Lucie so much for your kind and important feedback. I loved your thoughts “I’m not out to be …”super anything” – me, too, sister. I just want to love the life I live. xoK

  4. Lovely read, and I can completely relate to it. Exercising and eating healthy has become a part of my life and I am enjoying every minute of it 🙂

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