The Thing That Makes My Day Perfect

I’ve got this morning ritual, a practice I’ve kept now for about two and a half years. This routine has modified over time since the day I started, but when I add something that makes my heart burn brighter I keep it and incorporate it.

For the most part, it looks like this: get up, stumble to kitchen, prep coffee maker, and while that’s brewing, drink 1 large glass of hot water with half squeezed lemon in it. (I’ve also used Young Living Oils Lemon in my hot water, but prefer the taste of real lemon.)

IMG_9070Then, I light my Sacred Heart of Mary candle (she is my go-to girl, that Mother Mary) and I collect my thoughts, write out gratitudes, make plans and set intentions, release shit that is weighing me down in a series of journals I keep and write in. I write a LOT. I’ve discovered that it is super important for me to hand-write in my journal, not just blog.

I also have the most beautiful set of Wild Woman Mystery Cards that – when I have time – I like to use. But with two kids still in school and a dog to walk, and a job to get to, time is often a luxury.


Somewhere in there, I get myself a bulletproof coffee. It’s black coffee with a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil stirred into it. I love it. It’s a paleo/keto kind of thing and I do it as a way of incorporating more healthy fat into my diet without having to eat cold, lumpy coconut oil off a spoon (blech). It makes my guts happy.

My latest addition – I’ve added the Five Tibetan Rites as part of my morning routine.


After the pup and I drop girls at school, we head out for our morning exercise.

Where I live we have 45 kilometres of trails – some paved with benches and some clear cut through the bush, through marsh and meadow, brush and forest. I’ve spent the last eleven months healing (self-diagnosed) adrenal fatigue with diet, exercise, sleep, meditation and time in the trees.

It is absolutely my happy place. Every day. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. IMG_9047It’s December now, and we have enough snow in the bush to make walking hard work. Good thing I love to snow-shoe. I did 12,000 steps worth of snowshoeing that day.


Which explains the desire to nap. (Me and my girl – River is the love of our life. Had I known how good a dog would be for me and my family, I’d have gotten one years ago. She is a Shepherd cross, 14 months old. A total sweetheart.)

Once this morning routine has been finished, everything else I do in the day feels easy. If I miss it, my whole day feels rushed, and off. Making time for me to get clear, say a prayer, do Reiki if I want to, write down my plans, bless people I love, love my body and acknowledge my emotions has become pivotal to the level of wellness and contentment I feel in my everyday life.

Sometimes I get distracted and waste time. This can cause aggravation and self-criticism – which I don’t need more of.  But mostly, I try to stay focused on what I want from my morning habit. Any habit is about values and how you spend your time is a reflection of what those values are.

I want silence more than I want the news.
I want health more than I want cereal or toast with jam.
I want to breathe deeply and feel my body move and walk under the trees more than I want to finish my laundry or go shopping.

Life is choices and I love choosing to spend my time this way.

I am seeking clarity, a sense of gratitude, time to center myself and feel my Creator. And in the seeking, I find peace.

That’s a pretty awesome place to be.

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