Be Patient With The Process.

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be patient

Today we ask that you be patient with the process.

Be patient with the process.

Modern humans tend to be very goal-oriented.  You want to get there now.  You cannot wait.  Everything needs to be done already.  It should have been done yesterday!  That package must be delivered today!

This is very destructive, and leads to a great deal of unnecessary stress, wasted energy, and exhaustion.

Good things in life cannot be rushed.  Everything takes its own time to properly grow and develop.

The seed becomes the plant in its own time.  It cannot be rushed in its process without being damaged.

The child grows into the adult in his own time.  He cannot be rushed in his process without being damaged.

If you wish to climb a mountain, you cannot rush to the summit.  You must ascend in gradual, measured stages.  You must make camps along the way…

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