Pain is a Signal – Respecting the Boundaries of a Body

sore-shoulderI’m frustrated, disappointed and a little sad.

My right shoulder, which appeared to have healed over Christmas and into January, has flared again with my second of 12 kettlebell classes. Pain is inflammation. And my shoulder is definitely inflamed. It is so sore that I am not sleeping well [which is whooole other problem].

I don’t feel like my body ‘betrays’ me; I obviously am pushing too hard. 

Pain is a signal. It shouldn’t be ignored, or masked.

My pain is not to be covered up with pills and pain meds and it is not permission to stop exercising. But I also can’t just ignore it and hope for the best. My pain is a message that I need to do some very specific things:

– pay attention to my body
– stretch and release
– notice how I am dealing with stress and tension
– clean up my diet

Cleaning up my diet is where I will begin. Paleo auto-immune protocol means cleaning up and out all grains and legumes. I’ve done it before [it’s a little tough] but, I can do it again. Also important, is to get rid of simple sugars and any processed stuff.

I will take some ibuprofen today and tonight, just to see how my shoulder responds and if it helps my sleep – although for anyone with leaky gut/gluten sensitivity, ibuprofen is not recommended. And I will book a massage and get the trigger points that are affected worked on to see if that brings any relief. I will keep today’s kettlebell workout and modify exercises where necessary.

But, my body is saying Ouch! and I must choose my response to that.

I want to be active.
I want to be strong.
I want to be pain-free.
Where in my life are these not lining up?

My response will not be – ‘Push through it and hope it gets better’.
And my response will not be – ‘See? You can give up, now. It’s too hard, and you’re too old.’
Those responses are not options for me.

The response to my body will be:
I hear you loud and clear.
I am paying attention.
You’re important to me.
I will make the necessary adjustments.
I will do what it takes to care for you.
You can count on me to follow through.
I willingly choose to take excellent care of you.

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