My Best Thinking Got Me Here

my best thinkingAnd Dirty Words That Feel Good to Use

“Never trust anyone.”
“She stole everything from me.”
“He stomped on my heart.”
“They took advantage of me.”
“He was a total louse…”

Okay, okay already, I get the point!

You’re the world’s nicest, sweetest kindest soul and randomly, out of the blue, with no good reason, a giant pigeon swooped down from the highest part of the tree and purposefully pooped on your party plate.

Jeeze Louise – that’s too bad. Weren’t there any other picnic spots available anywhere else other than under that big ol’ tree?

Jus’ sayin’.

Own It

Victim status sucks BIG time.

There is something totally righteous and empowering about owning your shit and saying  ”Woooo-eeee, Lawdy, did I ever screw that up!”

I made a decision to trust her.
I made a concsious choice to love him.
I walked that road.
I wanted to stay married as long as possible.
I fed and watered that friendship.
I believed him.
I ate the last half a pan of M & M brownies.
I bought $492.97 worth of make-up at Sephora and put it on my credit card at 19% interest.

Some of my best thinking got me here.

People can be trusted.
Not all men leave.
All women aren’t bitches.
And we teach people how to treat us.


Lean into it.
Learn from it.
Quit complaining
and blaming
and wishing things were different.

Claim responsibility and say, “Yes, this failing business is mine and I have ignored the figures on my cashflow for eighteen months. It’s up to me to get out of this.”  

Blame the economy if you want,
blame ads that don’t work,
blame the new competition and
continue to feel miserable.


Be brutally honest with yourself.
Acknowledge what isn’t working and make a plan to change it.

Enough With the Moan and Groan Club

It is so much easier to dump it. We need to vent. We get caught up in the drama. We feel validated when we rally the troops and harmonize with the sympathizers…

Poor you.
You gave him the best years of your life.
I can see how hard you’re trying.
It’s just not fair.
She’s the devil. You’re so much more of a better person than she is.  


Grab that bull by the prairie oysters!

I screwed up. But I can fix it.
need to work harder. I am ready to buckle down and work.
Looking back, the signs were there. I need to face the facts.
That wasn’t so smart. I can easily make another decision.
I walked right into that. I need to do more research.
I wanted to believe him. I deserve better.
I let myself be blinded.
I am responsible for my choices.
I buried my head in the sand. 
I am ready to face the truth. 
I am done making excuses.

I am awake and alive – ripe with potential and power and choice.

I am smart and I can express what I need clearly – and get it.

So, dust off those big girl panties,
claim your biggest boo-boos,
bad decisions and
broken heart 


“I totally f*cked that up.
Now, watch me go!”

I love it when you talk dirty.

2 thoughts on “My Best Thinking Got Me Here

  1. Wow, this is powerful. And true. And good. Thank you for expressing this so eloquently, with SWEARS! This post is bathroom mirror worthy so I could see it every morning and be reminded. Thank you

    1. Thanks for reading. I can only write what I need to know… does that make sense? PS: Swearing is likely not my best feature, but it is sorta who I am. And it is a little like punctuation for me. ❤

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