Daily Life in Lacombe, Alberta

Thanks to HarsH ReaLiTy / aopinionatedman for the invitation to post a photo blog about my day to day in central Alberta, Canada. Although, sometimes I feel bored by the routine of the daily grind – I absolutely LOVE my life here and this focused effort gave me pause to think hard and be grateful. xo

10My name is Kim.
I am a married mom of 4, ages 12 – 22.
I love to write (even though most days I wonder why the hell I bother…).
I’m left-handed, Paleo lovin’, kettlebell throwin’, dog walkin’ fool.
and a 2nd Degree Usui Reiki Practitioner.
But I also love politics, community development, social causes and meaningful conversations.

And this is a little glimpse into my beautiful, BORING, privileged, happy, healthy life in Lacombe, Alberta.

11Lacombe is stunningly beautiful. I was born in Saskatchewan, but have lived in central Alberta for 16 years. I LOVE my Alberta life and have no plans to leave. I live in a small city of about 13,000. Our primary industry is agriculture and oil and gas – or jobs in service thereof.

This photo, taken in August at dusk shows a healthy and lush countryside and warm autumn sun. What it doesn’t show is the swarms of mosquito invaders that were trying to feast on me. Prairie = mosquitoes.

photo 3Welcome to early September. Blue skies and gorgeous sunny days make September one of the nicest months of the year. The last of the short and sunny Alberta summer. Although rich and fertile farmland is in abundance here, our city has a beautiful trail system that they maintain for those who live in the city, but love to be in nature.


hill top
Here’s a beautiful shot (September) taken from the hill of the same trail. There is Burman University to the right and Rosedale Valley, Lacombe County across the water, and homes to left and all around me in our little city. I am on these trails several times a week.



54Because of her. River is my 18 months old Shepherd rescue. She needs LOTS of running. And I love to have her as a workout partner. (June)




Weather here is always unpredictable. Sunny and warm one day. Foggy with sleet the next.
















And then winter arrives. And stays. For about 6 months. Which often mean freeze-your-ass-off cold, snowshoes and shovels and dark, dusky skies and nights by the fire.

There goes the neighborhood.

Snowshoe workout.

Snowfall and a walk.

But, yeehaw!! It’s March (finally) – which means HOPE for Spring is alive.

We’re looking at snow and cold with increasingly warm temperatures over the next 60 days – but we can be sure Spring will arrive! (and I will be able to ride my bike.)

Because I’m a mom, I cook. A lot. (although my kids wouldn’t say these are among my best meals.)







And I write. And write. And write.


photo 5






My One Love

And I workout. Alot.



2014-09-06 14.44.23






Cause it makes my BRAIN feel amazing.

And every once in a while, I go some place astoundingly beautiful with the people I love the most in the whole world.

2014-07-06 17.51.362014-07-06 16.39.062014-05-28 18.29.127





My home is modest. But my life is really good. I am blessed beyond measure with beautiful, healthy kids and a loving relationship and fresh air and room to move and a job that pays my bills… and I do not take a single bit of it for-granted.

Yes, there are days when I say – “What?! This … boring, old, same routine … AGAIN?!!”

But, then I look around and see people just like me  – but, with REAL challenges, and heartaches, and job layoffs and grief … and get over my boredom, really, REALLY fast.

I am under no illusions. I’ve had my turn for trauma, struggle, fear and challenge and do not doubt that Life happens when we aren’t really paying attention. My turn may yet come again.

So for today, I am celebrating the Beauty of Being Boring.


16 thoughts on “Daily Life in Lacombe, Alberta

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Great photos of Lacombe, Alberta Canada! I enjoyed reading the post as well… until I got tired from looking at the “workout” photos!!! I need a nap now! -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their post.

  2. it is a great feeling to see someone being grateful for their life. Often people crib and cry. I am glad to meet an optimist. Wish i could take a walk with you through the place…..I am hopeful life will definitely give me an opportunity (Ms. Aakanksha from JIMS)

    1. Thank you, Ms. Aakanksha. Sadly, I’ve discovered that many people don’t appreciate my optimism. They feel it is insincere, or sugary sweet. I am blessed beyond measure. Blessings to you as well.

  3. I spent 40 long winters in Minnesota, so this looks soooo familiar. (I’m in Cornwall now, where it hardly ever snows, and when it does the kids go absolutely nuts over and inch and a half.) Thanks for the tour.

    1. You are so welcome. I love having all the visitors, as I am so happy at home where I live. It looks like there isn’t any city around me, there is! I just spend much of my free time outdoors. And the snow has become my friend… or more like a mother-in-law. Happy to have her for a visit, ready to see her go when the time is up! 😉 (That’s a really bad joke. I love my MIL.)

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