8 Week Fitness Challenge – Next Level Fitness

Challenge Day 1Part One: Clean up the Diet

The Lacombe Fit Body Boot Camp 8 Week Fitness Challenge starts today. There are about 100 women and men doing this fitness challenge, me included. The point: begin a fitness journey, take your current state of fitness to the next level or make a total lifestyle overhaul. And varying degrees between.

There are people who haven’t done a lick of movement for years – and people who are die-hard exercise fanatics. Although I started at one end, I’m now closer to the other. I LOVE to exercise, eat clean and hang out with others who do, too.

Even though, the first will be daunting. Cutting out all carbs in order to use up glycogen stores and remind my body how to access and burn fat I’m storing. Carb depletion is not for sissies and I expect all of the moody skeletons in my closet will rise up and shake me this week. What do I mean? I mean carbs are comfort food, reward food, cheat and treat food and emotional crutches for me. Depleting my body of emotional crutches and challenging a longstanding eating habit is going to be really tough. But I want to see if I can do it.

According to my InBody520 Analysis I’ve only got 12.8 pounds to lose to reach a 23% body fat. I will have never been this lean or strong before – in my whole life – even as a wrangy 11 year old – and I’m most excited about taking 2% off my Visceral Fat Stores (read: BELLY FAT).

My goals for this event are less about weight loss and more about putting on muscle. Muscle at my age is POSITIVE all the way around. Muscle burns more calories. Muscle makes me stronger. Muscle helps maintain bone mass. Can I lose 2% visceral fat and gain 3% muscle in 8 weeks. I actually doubt it, but I’m gonna try.

gym day 1Off to the gym I go – minus 3 degrees in the pitch black. Leg day. And Day 1 of the Challenge.

Will be posting my Challenge Updates here… Day 1 I’m feeling strong. Let’s see what Day 2 will bring.

– – –

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