Eating Epiphanies – What Really Drives My Food Choices – 8 Week Challenge Day #2

IMG_1296Day one keto food plan a huge success. Macros show healthy fats (Krill Oil, Olive Oil, Grassfed Butter) and lean protein (grassfed beef, locally sourced farm raised chicken, protein shake, lean turkey, and cottage cheese) hugely override carbs. Main carbs yesterday came from broccoli, cottage cheese and shake.

I’m taking a lot of Krill Oil – 2,000 – 3,000 mg a day – which is fantastic for my brain! And I’m reminding myself to drink 3-4 litres of water a day.

I had a MAJOR epiphany last night regarding my eating! 4-6pm is my biggest cheat time because (I think) I’m famished when I come home from work and begin to prep supper, so I eat a ton of snacky stuff (most often chips, guacamole, etc).

I want to have success this week so I tried really hard while making dinner to “stay present” through this time and be true to my goal.

As I opened cupboards – and saw some of the foods I “crave” I had a huge AHA moment. Instead of eating consciously or to fuel my body I mostly over indulge or make poor choices typically for these FOUR reasons:

1) HABIT – I do it without any thought. Reach for it. Gobble it down.
2) BOREDOM – I have other things I COULD be doing… but I don’t have anything else to do, so hmmm, what is there to eat in the pantry? ooooh, tortilla chips!!!
3) PLEASURE – This was the only one that surprised me. Is eating really one of the things that bring me joy? Or makes me feel happy? REALLY?!! I mean, aren’t there so many other pleasurable things I could be doing? More sex. More bubble baths. More crafty, creative projects… more walks in the sunshine?
4) SOCIAL – It feels good to hang and eat hot wings and drink wine. Until I feel bloated and swollen and hungover. This is a tough one because when we get together, there tends to be some awesome food and beverage to go along with it.

The epiphany: I RARELY eat from TRUE hunger.
Mind. Blown. In fact, how often does my body have to tell me ” Grrrowwwlll … I’m hungry…”?

I also know THIS to be true. WHEN I AM TIRED, I eat.
Don’t eat, Kim. You’re not hungry. You’re tired. Go to bed. 

I love it when I learn something about myself.

IMG_1269PS: Lots of egg whites on the menu this week – and I really don’t enjoy eggs. So, I  boiled down some pastured beef bones – full of really cool, gut healing and nutritional powerhouse vitamins and minerals – with celery and onion, added some Frank’s Red Hot and pink Himalayan sea salt, and Violé – solid breakfast choice.

IMG_1299 (2)PPS: This morning’s version: added dandelion leaves, cilantro, green onion and mushrooms. Off the grains, girl.

2 thoughts on “Eating Epiphanies – What Really Drives My Food Choices – 8 Week Challenge Day #2

  1. I do the same thing… Start fixing a decent dinner but snack on everything else while I’m in the kitchen! D’oh! Looks like you’re off to a great start, keep it up! 🙂

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