The Power of Intention


As is my way, I’ve been reflecting on 2015 and charting a course into 2016. No resolutions, just intention. (And a number of ‘Smarter’ goals.)

When choosing my “Goals with Soul” (#CDF, Danielle Laporte) it is important to have the end in mind: HOW DO I WANT TO ‘FEEL’?

Knowing how I want to feel – tomorrow, next week, next month, next year – it the key to determining my focus and setting my intention.

This year they are the same.

My goals reflect how I want to feel and my feeling words embody my intention. In 2016, my intention is to be STRONG, ENERGETIC and JOYFUL.

This year feels different than the past several… Past years’ words include flow, ease, effortless, simplify, release. This year feels vibrant, alive and very … intentional.

Life happens. We can’t control what comes our way. But setting an intention allows clarity and a focal point. Despite external circumstances, I can always choose to be strong, energetic, joyful.

Are you working on your 2016?
What are your intentions?
How do you want to feel?
Do you have a small list of goals you’re working toward?
Or do you prefer to just see what comes?


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