Clean Space = Happy Brain

The ONE goal I set for my week off work was to dig out my office and get my sacred space ready for a creative new year.

We did celebration after gathering after get-together and I started to run out of time… but a few hours yesterday, and a few today – the vacuum and big dusting… and my space is ready. (I even got the Christmas tree put away, made a pot of borscht, walked the dog in the bush and finished the laundry!) 


Sun dappled walls, my laptop and writing desk. #iminlove


It doesn’t take much to make me happy.
Clean spaces. Room to breathe. Simplicity. Organization.


And a Vision Board from several years ago, that is still relevant. Maybe a freshen up to bring it to date… but I can work on that – now that I have all this space to think and move and create.

Goal met. It’s the little things. #feelsgood

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