The Clutter Test & The Energetic Benefit of Letting Go

The Clutter Test is a series of simple but powerful questions that – when applied to any thing you’re ‘holding onto’ – can reveal intuitive answers about what to keep or and what to let go of.

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You can apply The Clutter Test to things – belongings, articles of clothing, books and stuff. You can apply it to relationships (a little more complex). You can apply this test to emotions and memories (I like this – what no longer feels good for me?).  You can apply this to food and movement (Aka: Does my body like this?)

It is as simple as holding an object and deliberately asking yourself the questions and then listening for the answer. It would be quite similar to muscle testing. #thebodyalwaysknows

I started applying these questions to things around me over the last year after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Since then, I have systematically worked through several spaces to clean up the stale energy of my home, my body and my relationships.

Do I love this?
Does it make me happy?
Does keeping it prevent new space from opening up so that something better can arrive?

It might be my age, but over the years I’ve discovered I don’t need more stuff. I’m not missing anything. And I only want to keep the things I really, really love. I don’t need to default to feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. I can choose to let sh*t go.

The Clutter Test is easy to use. And can be used on anything.

The last Clutter Tests I performed were in my office, in the bathroom make-up drawer (filled with samples, never used products and half full bottles) and in the china cabinet. I just continue to pick away at spaces in my home. I also used it when taking Christmas decorations down this year.

Whenever I feel like the room I’m in is cluttered, or my thinking is impaired by lack of organization, or when I can’t find anything I like in my closet… I perform a Clutter Test. Those unsettled or frustrated feelings let me know it is time to make space in my life.

When I clean up my spaces and let the unneeded go – I feel better. I think clearer. 

I find books (still can’t quite part with them) and family items (handed down) hardest to give away. Clothes, shoes, handbags and out-dated kids stuff are the easiest for me to ship off.

Are you a keeper?
Or do you find it easy to just let go?

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