Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Still… at almost 46, I STILL must work to accept and love all parts of myself.

I get impatient. I reject the tendencies I don’t appreciate. I get angry with my compulsivity. With substantial work to NOT be so, I can still a worrier. I see genetics at play and wish they weren’t so instead of embracing the pieces of her I see in me.

Love HER as she is.
Love ME as I AM.

I recommit today. To loving myself like my life depends on it.
I depend on my own self-acceptance – there is no more room for impatience, and anger, and rejection of the self.

I must lead with love, and tolerance, and compassion.

For her.
For me.
For them.

Big Love For Girls At Risk

love yourself

If I could give you one tip – one piece of advice – that will change the way you do everything …

– – – the way you experience people – – –
– – – the way you choose your direction – – –
– – – what kind of treatment you’ll settle for – – –
– – – what kind of activities you’ll pursue – – –

it would be this:


You were born to the parents you were born. Your DNA is non-refundable. You DO have this eye colour. And that hair colour. You might have freckles or a crooked spine. You’ve determined yourself to be overly emotional. Math is your passion but you keep it hidden. He is ‘good enough’ for ‘someone like me’.

Worse! You administer self-judgement every time you pass a mirror. Sucking in your belly. Shrivelling to reduce your…

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