Day 5 – It’s just a feeling. It can’t kill you.

Ain’t no doubt about it… your shit is gonna surface when you’re stripping off all the stuff that covers it up [addictions, coping mechanisms, extra weight]…

When the uncomfortable stuff comes up – worth issues, family baggage, guilt or feeling like you can’t cope – don’t forget to LEAN INTO THAT BITCH. It’s a FEELING. Feel it. It’s not going to kill you. It just is going to feel shitty for bit.

Let it wash over you.
Cry a little if you want to.
Sink into it.
Have a pity party.
Ride it like a horse that needs someone to rule it.

And then pick that cute ass up off the floor and know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

You’re KILLING it.
(written as I savour every last curd of my cottage cheese)


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