Day 15 – The Hardest Week

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Days 8 – 15 pretty much sucked. But, I’m still on track entering week 3. A quick recap.

Around Day 4, I discovered that my body simply says a big FU to less than 30 carbs a day (a piece of grain bread has 40) – I pushed on, but I physically felt HORRIBLE. Add in the mental chatter I was working through, and I have no need to repeat these two weeks ever. Did them. Won’t likely go back. (Then again, I said that about the #WCT and if my hubby would do it with me, I’d push to leave tomorrow.)  

Day 7 was my FitRanx Level 3 testing which I earned. 2 pull ups (with 2″ band), 3 tricep dips (suspended), 25 goblet squats with 26 pounds (12kg) and a 25 second hold on the last squat (feel the burn!), 45 second side planks per side, 8 reverse incline push ups from toes off a 6″ box, 12 deadlifts with half my bodyweight, 50 double cleans in 2 minutes, and a tri-set of bear crawls, skipping and leapfrog squat thrusters.

Day 8 – 12 were really tough for me. I chose to add in a few more carbs than the challenge called for during week two. Only by 3/4 C per meal. It made all the difference. I got in four workouts in a row, but I used Friday, Saturday as total rest days. I hiked/walked/ran 6km on Sunday which found my heartrate and endurance totally recovered and this morning was easy as it was arm day.

I can say – finally – I am 100% today.

Here’s what I learned:

I have more positive support from the people I love the most in the world than I knew. I just adore these people more than I can ever say.

My mom said, “as long as you’re having fun, just enjoy yourself.” Fun doesn’t describe it, but affirmation and validation and encouragement from one’s mommy makes every thing better.

My gym peeps are hard workers and loving people. I am so lucky. I love this doggone crazy asskicking crew I know no where else but on the blue mat.

I will listen to my body and push less.

I can handle alot of stress, but my body doesn’t deserve to and I don’t want to put that kind of stress on my body. I found this last two weeks extremely physically challenging (and therefore mentally) and I remembered that I love my body way too much to push it that hard. My dear body deserves to be nourished and rested and listened to, as much as it deserves to run, lift and be flexible.

This challenge – while about change and ‘improvements’ – reminded me that I value SELF-LOVE and SELF-KINDNESS more than I want to change or improve. I really, genuinely just want to love, accept and care for my good and loyal body. 

Week 3 sees a more ‘sensible’ diet. Sweet potato, ezekiel bread, quinoa, and the like make their way back into our meal plans. I feel deep joy today. And relief.

5 weeks to go.




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