Day 30 of 56: Sexy. It’s a feeling and a state of being.

I’m a week away from my 46th birthday. IMG_4571

My morning started with a metabolic workout that included tactical lunges, push presses, jump squats, battle ropes and burpees and chin ups and pullups – with an ab finisher. It was a monster workout that my practically 46 year old body BLASTED through with relative ease. (My heart pounded, my shoulders fatigued and my quads felt numb.)

My life is a series of small conscious decisions, which I love. Presence – living in day tight compartments – is a blessing I cannot explain. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 worst) anxiety scale, I’m a zero, which is a BFD for me.

I’ve thoroughly adjusted to the challenge eating plan (day 4 – 12 sucked and everything else has been manageable) and have, for the most part, kicked sugar. I notice small changes in my body… less boob – even less than there was before… and changes in the way my pants fit – but I haven’t been on the scale or taken any measurements. I’m waiting for the end of June, when our second InBody Analysis happens. I don’t care what the numbers say, fingers crossed I haven’t lost a great deal of muscle mass with the eating deficit and push workouts.

26% body fat is where I started. My goal was down 4%. Up 2.5% lean muscle. 16kg KB snatch test in less than 5 minutes. Lean Analysis at the bottom – legs are great at 19.6 pounds lean muscle average – arms and abs were the goal this series. Let’s see what happens…

Today, I’m soaring on a happy hormone cloud. After I dropped a kid at school, I cranked the music and savoured my coffee and the 30 minute highway commute to work. The land is lush and green and the sky was blue and bright. I feel strong and healthy and joyful and grateful and I know it is this magical mix that is my life. (Magical mix – food, exercise, sleep, focus, gratitude, pleasure + day tight compartments.) 


This ‘magical mix’ is good for me – brain, body and soul. 

I’m on fire. Inside. I want to swim and paddle board, and lie in the sun and drink wine and laugh loud. I feel lean and strong and stand tall. I am flexible and energized and want to play. I feel more alive, more turned on by my life, and more sexy than I have EVER felt before. 

How much of me has changed? Not too much. Same height. Same hair colour. Same style. Same love of shoes. Same philosophies. Same basic outlook on my life. Same love.

Sexy is not a look. It’s not found in lace panties, flawless skin or wine stained lips – although  cultural standards would have you believe that. Sexy is a state of being. It’s a feeling that radiates. It’s like the pull of a magnet. It’s a knowing. Confidence. Certainty. A vibrational level.

Sexy is an INSIDE JOB.

What is different is my commitment and focus and energy level. The level of mastery my body possesses, the chemical reactions occurring inside – THIS LIFE works for me. I feel younger and fitter and faster and stronger than I’ve ever felt – and I am SO GRATEFUL.

I am that relentlessly positive, over-achiever, mad workout lover and spaghetti squash eater that makes people want to vomit…. and I am totally okay with that.

DAMN GURL, I feel so good.


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