Day 42 – Week 7 – There is NO such thing as a weight loss miracle.

And if you’re buying into any kind of ‘instant’ anything – you’re a sucker.

I still see advertisements for pills and wraps and shakes and 10 day squat challenges designed to give you a Brazilian booty. It’s all lies.

I’ve been a full time employee of exercise for four years and a lifetime of habits and muscle loss and fat gain and illness is NEVER undone in 10 days. We WANT to believe that it can be done – but buying those lies is part of the reason we hate ‘diets and exercise’.

The photo is before challenge began, April 24.
The photo on the right is 6 weeks in, June 11. That’s a 32″ waist.
I can’t really see progress, but I feel it in my clothes for sure. Things just fit different.

Keep in mind, this is where I started 4 years ago. That’s a 38″ belly button line.


Could I have experienced more or better results to date?

I think, yes, had I followed the exact menu plan.

I followed it ‘mostly’ but didn’t weigh protein and added in sweet potato or 1/2-3/4 cup rice with many meals, even on supposed zero carb days. So, self-sabotage? maybe… but far more likely I learned that there are some days I just don’t want to work that hard.

There isn’t a destination point where I’m going to give up or go back to the way I was eating before, anyhow. It’s the way I like to live and I’d like to enjoy as much of it as possible.

Weeks 4 and 5 were not my best effort. I’d say 65% effort. A lot of tired days. Many ‘why am I doing this days?’ I ate mostly on meal plan – every 2-1/2 – 3 hours, protein with every meal – too many “cheats” (some real cheats, some just real ‘extra’ food).

Thankfully, we’re on the homestretch starting today and my food prep is tight and I’m committed to finishing. The goal for the next few days – increased water intake and flush. I drink a lot of coffee [my favourite] and need more water.

What have been the big discoveries in the last 6 weeks? 

My tricky point in the day is 4-6pm. If I’m going to feel weak and surrender to crap cravings – this is when I’ll do it.

My strongest point for hardcore exercise in the middle of the day – 12noon – 5pm. Before that, my body isn’t really ‘awake’ yet and after that, I’m ready for bed. (Seriously, bedtime 7:30-8pm. It’s embarassing. And heavenly.)  Best strength 3-5pm.

I just want to be strong and have enough energy to workout hard, hike in the trees and do keep up with my life.

I haven’t been on a scale or taken my measurements, at all. But I do think whatever changes have happened inside have been still worthwhile. I find it much easier to lift my body weight in pull ups and chin ups, my box jumps have improved, as have pushups from toes, not knees. It’s easier to workout – when I feel fuelled.

No doubt about it, it’s easier to move with less booty to lift and more muscle to do it. Looking forward to weigh in day and being able to know the inside results.



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