Challenge Ended. Were there results?

FullSizeRender_1All of those fitness updates over 8 weeks and I did not meet a single goal!!

Only up 3 burpees, not 5. (22.5 in a minute… It was almost 4!)
I did not lose 4% body fat. I lost 1.7 pounds.
I did not gain 2% muscle. But I didn’t lose lean muscle, which is good! (I gained .2% muscle.)
I didn’t get my 16kg a snatch test. 73 not 100 in 5.
That said, I lost 10.5″ … I’m still not convinced I was measured right… but oh, well!

The overall #fitlife goals are ENERGY, STRENGTH and MOJO. And I’ve got those things, so it’s all good.

I continue to feel energized and focused. Was planning on taking a week off from the gym post challenge, but it was arm day Monday – and I can’t resist arm day (shoulders!).

hair progressWhat I LOVE about the challenge is the focus and commitment required to just finish it. Truthfully, I don’t consider myself disciplined by nature – that is SERIOUS work for me. But, when I FEEL and SEE the results of my work, I want to work harder and it’s easy to stay on track.  (thus, the progress selfies)

I didn’t start truly caring for my body until I was almost 42. Before that, I lived like a typical, impulsive, negligent teenager. Eat what I want – no concern for nutritional value, no desire to move my body or love it and appreciate it – just live in it with disregard.

But, this last four years of two steps forward, one step back, trial and error, up and down, win and lose has been such a hard, beautiful, challenging and rewarding time. I LOVE LIVING IN THIS BODY and I am SO GRATEFUL for all it provides to me.

In this time period, it’s been fully rebuilt, literally cell by cell, choice by choice – and I can’t believe how happy and strong and healthy it is. I just turned 46 and I have never been stronger, fitter or leaner. I am PROOF it can be done with slow and steady dedication and commitment to a WAY OF BEING. (Don’t get me started on 10 Day Miracle Plans, Skinny green coffee beans and raspberry keytones!!)

My post-challenge body fat analysis taught me something really cool. Here’s an image comparison to highlight what I learned.

FullSizeRender copy
Me: left. Erin Stern: right.

The photo of the torso on the right belongs to the amazing athlete Erin Stern. During off-season (not competing) she probably sits at 12-14% body fat… my body analysis says I am currently 25.6% body fat.

My goal was to lose 4% body fat (I started at 26%) as I’d like to reach 22%. That seems like a reasonable number to me and means I’d have to drop about 5-6 more pounds of body fat.

But, here’s what I need to uncover for myself: DO I REALLY WANT TO WORK HARDER and EAT CLEANER THAN I ALREADY DO in order to achieve that?

This goes back to (repeating myself here) clarifying my WHY? and deciding what I’m willing to do to get there.

Truth is, I don’t know yet.

Part of me wants to push a bit harder. Another part says take it easy, sister. 

For me, the photo comparison underscored the importance of focusing on each person’s UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL RESULTS. There truly is NO POINT in comparing my body or self or progress or strength against anyone but me.

We are all built different.
Our metabolisms are different.
Our muscle structure is different.
Sleep needs are different.
Bowel habits.
Hormone panels. You name it.

All you need to focus on, Kim, is eating what makes your body happy, and moving in a way that feels good. Get clear on what YOU want to achieve, how YOUR body feels, what makes YOU happy and STAY IN YOUR OWN ZONE. You’re doing just fine where you’re at.



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