We’ve got a hashtag challenge happening at the gym I train and coach at, and this week they’re asking you to share – “I train for this”.

There are a number of reasons I train regularly. Only four years ago, I was classed pre-diabetic with a 38″ waistline and high fasting blood sugar.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression on and off and exercise is a mood stabilizer and nervous system regulator for me. I experience dramatically LESS anxiety with regular exercise.

Probably, the biggest reason I train regularly is because I want to explore and experience my world in a very hands on way. I want to breathe mountain air, sleep under the stars, snow-shoe and hike and run and feel strong and supple and sexy.

I want to feel like my pants fit all the time, and that I have energy to play and create and live at the pace I want to live. Before I started regular training, I was fat, exhausted and out of breath.

I sleep better, I am healthier, I am more resilient and positive and hopeful and energized. I am more patient with my kids when I’m firing on all cylinders and am well emotionally. My hormones are healthy. My bowels are healthy. My blood is healthy. My brain is healthy. My sex life is healthy. My relationships are healthy.

I want to have massive energy to serve people.
Make things that mean something.
Sing louder. Dance harder. Run faster.
I want to be a force to be reckoned with.
I want to feel absolutely unstoppable.

I want to be in places in the forest, only a handful of people have wandered.
I want to see stones and falls and plains and paths that only my feet have walked.
I want to feel POWERFUL beyond measure; strong, limber, supple, solid.
I want my feet to be certain, and my back to be unbreakable.
I want to suck the marrow out of life’s bones.

I want to LOVE every single fucking breath this body makes, and takes.
I want to love every dimple, every muscle, every stretch mark, every freckle, every line.
I want to savour and treasure and devour my experience here and now.
I love my life.



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