IMG_6308 I am a former self-loather. I’ve dabbled in drugs and self-destruction, sold off bits and pieces of my soul in exchange for ‘love’ and earned them back through the goodness of the Uni-verse. I’ve have learned to tame fear and soothe shame and heal body hate, and believe that a body is only as healthy as the mind. In other words there is nothing wrong with me; it’s my thinking that stinks.

In March of 2012, I completed the Hoffman Process and discovered that my body wanted to move. I wanted my outside to reflect how amazing I felt inside.

The Beauty of Being Boring is a personal account of a real, boring, happy life and all the things that contribute to that.


Kim Berube is a wife and mom to 4 ages 24-14. She is the former publisher of Real Woman Magazine (2007-2011) and now provides contract services as a Communications and Messaging Specialist via The Word Girl, Inc. She most recently authored “All You Need to Know Today: an e-Book of Encouragements” for Girls at Risk. 
Personally, she would describe herself as a wildly creative, master encourager with a massive energy output, who is deeply passionate about bona fide leadership and using her sphere of influence for good, hiking in the bush with her dog, eating enough protein and everything Kettlebells. 

She has a major crush on Instagram, blogs at Big Love for Girls at Risk, and Herstory, too.  The Beauty of Being Boring – Letting Life Be Good is inspired by Kim’s own journey through emotional and physical healing.


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